Even though we are in the twenty-first century, students are still facing issues with the current, outdated educational system. Anath Foundation will be a key contributor to the evolution in education. The new model of education will foster independent learning, skill development through projects, creative thinking, and personal wellness. These traits will prepare the student for life beyond the educational institution.


Anath Foundation is driven by a need to create advancements in educational policies, which will aid in the development of innovative solutions for ongoing challenges. Institutions, educators, and students across the globe are key players in the creation and implementation of these solutions that will lead to a better future


Advances in technology have made knowledge more accessible. Anath Foundation is calling for the immediate removal of outdated educational policies. Educational systems are in dire need of a change, to better suit the requirements of students nowadays. As the world changes, the educational programs nurturing the minds of new generations need to also change. Both educators and students are to be instructed on how to integrate innovative digital learning with traditional methods in order to maximize personal growth and capacity building for lifelong learning.

Financial Support
(School Grants, Student Grants)

Anath Foundation aims to help organizations with offering education to all without exceptions. As part of this initiative, Anath will provide a list of grants that an organization is qualified to apply for. Providing the right research will eventually lower the levels of illiteracy and of people leaving school for monetary reasons.

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Schooling Reform

One of Anath Foundation’s services is to reform school models. Improving school systems is constantly needed to reflect society’s ever-changing needs. To rapidly and successfully reach the desired school system, steps need to be achieved based on a long-term vision. This long-term vision requires sustained leadership, high-quality staff and administration, commitment to equity, student encouragement, and effective use of resources.

 Anath Foundation will aid in the creation of a new curriculum that needs to be updated to become and stay reflective of modern-day needs. An example of such an update is to include coding to enhance technical knowledge. The updated content will increase the students’ knowledge about what is happening in the world around them.

​​Anath Foundation encourages lifelong learning through the services it provides. Clients and partners will benefit from the methods they have been trained in. They will indirectly adopt a growth mindset, which will inspire them to embrace a “lifelong upskilling” lifestyle. As one grows mentally, their knowledge of what is wrong and right also expands. Anath Foundation sheds light on this matter and fosters moral excellence.

Lifelong Learning​


Apprenticeship is a method of learning that involves the student within an actual context of practice. Anath Foundation instills apprenticeship programs in its educational policy. Such programs alongside traditional schooling will assist the students in learning organizational skills and in making better life choices.

Training the institution’s administration, teachers, and students on the most effective learning methods is one of Anath Foundation’s main services. The concerned parties will be coached in the most updated learning methods. This falls under skills. In addition to adding to their skillset, they will be given workshops on dealing with behavioral issues and building tolerance when faced with adversity.


Vocational Education

Vocational or technical education is a method of teaching that prepares students to learn specific skills for a job, such as technicians. Anath Foundation integrates vocational education in its educational policy early on. Technical education will aid the students in learning and experiencing what they like/dislike and excel in.

Anath Foundation is a strong advocate of mental health. The personal well-being of the staff and students comes first. Achieving goals effectively and efficiently is a product of healthy minds. Therefore, raising awareness about mental health is essential for the growth and development of the organization.

Mental Health

Teaching Tools

Anath Foundation will provide training regarding innovative teaching tools. The following tools have been proven effective: flipping methods (discussion, round tables, case studies); rotation of classes and labs (moving for specific classes or labs when learning different courses, i.e. using a lab for physics, biology, and chemistry courses). Teachers and students alike will benefit from such methods if they are appropriately practiced. 

Teaching Life Skills

As part of the training that Anath Foundation will be providing under educational services, Teaching Life Skills is a must to acquire. Facing real-world situations is an essential tool that teachers need to instill in their students early on. Life skills may include communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and the list goes on. Without these skills, the student may not be able to effectively deal with the many obstacles that he/she might encounter later in life.

Teaching Methods

Several methods are being used by instructors in the educational field nowadays. Anath Foundation will be educating institutions about the effectiveness of each teaching method. The widely used method and the most conventional one is the instructional method. Other known methods are experiential, apprenticeship, and vocational. These four learning methods, if practiced correctly, will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the students and will steer them towards the right path in life.

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