Old modes of governance, both public and private, are becoming increasingly ineffective. Therefore, economic, technological, and social transformations are needed, especially now in the 21st century. To adapt to these transformations, Anath foundation will work with both public and private sectors, to encourage them to reduce dependence on nonlocal resources and to enhance localization. This will create economic self sufficiency leading to independence from global supply chains.

Governance Localisation


Anath Foundation is pushing governing entities towards localization. The local product or service should be adapted to meet the expectations of the local community. When the satisfaction of the local clients is met, then reliance on the global supply chain will lessen. The disruption in this supply chain will eventually lead to a sustainable environment, where the products are locally manufactured, and food is homegrown. 


When it comes to civics, Anath Foundation’s role is to increase public awareness regarding the rights and obligations of the people. Civic education will lead to a better understanding of the system that governs the lives of citizens. The individual’s role in society, if practiced well, is an essential pillar for able and stable governance.


Technological innovations were brought forth to ease the lives of people. Some tasks are too time-consuming. Anath Foundation will facilitate the creation of online platforms for all  government-related paperwork by providing a development plan. Public services should be easily accessible, and they should not be perceived as a laborious task.

Circular Economy

Anath Foundation will support municipalities and institutions in achieving a circular economy, especially in the regions where this has not been implemented. By providing the necessary steps and information, these organizations will then relay the knowledge to the communities they are governing. A circular economy entails the distribution of manufactured products from raw materials to households and companies, where they are disposed of. After their disposal, some products’ lives are extended and redistributed, while other products are either remanufactured or recycled. The aim of creating a circular economy is to reduce waste and construct a more sustainable community.

Municipal Modernization

Municipal Modernization

​​For municipalities to work efficiently, their inner workings need to be refurbished. By working closely with municipalities, Anath Foundation will aid in the initiation of the modernization programs, by providing consultations on how the funding should be disbursed. Municipalities will learn how to employ the funds to cut costs and execute several initiatives where the digitization, streamlining, and/or integration of services and programs might occur with nearby municipalities

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