Financial Support (School Grants, Student Grants)

Anath Foundation aspires to assist organizations in providing education to all people, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Anath will give a list of funds that an organization is eligible to apply for as part of this effort. The correct research will eventually reduce illiteracy and the number of individuals who drop out of school for financial reasons. Offering financial assistance to students who are unable to pay for the rising cost of tuition, will enable them to complete their studies. 

Building schools, paying teachers’ salaries and training, providing teaching materials, and other aspects of the right to education require funding.

States are required by international law to employ all of their available resources to realize the right to education. Even if a state’s resources are limited, it is obligated to prioritize some immediate commitments, such as implementing free primary education and ensuring equal access to education for everyone. It is also required to provide increasingly free secondary and higher education, as well as to maintain and improve educational quality. This implies it must take urgent and gradual actions to fully realize the right to education, rather than taking backward steps.

To effectively implement the right to education, authorities must ensure that a significant percentage of the national budget is provided to education support and that the funds are used efficiently and fairly to make sure that children have access to an education and to address injustices.

When domestic resources are insufficient, foreign assistance payments should be made (ICESCR, 1966, Article 4; CRC, 1998, Article 4 and 28 (3)). This must be done in a coordinated manner rather than via separate programs, and the Global Partnership for Education is the best representation of collective funding. Donor states, multilateral development institutions, developing country governments, civic society, and other stakeholders make up the Global Partnership for Education. It provides unified funding and support to governments in developing countries that have solid policies for the education sector. 

In 2006, a study was made to examine financial satisfaction among undergraduates. The Financial Survey of Students 2006 dataset was utilized in this study, which was collected during the Fall 2006 semester at one of the major public institutions in the Southwest. The influence of financial help on financial happiness was determined using logistic regression. According to the findings, when undergraduate students get scholarship and grant help, their chances of being dissatisfied decrease. These findings underscore the need for more practical methods to help undergraduate students manage and reduce college debt and better their current and future financial situations. Financially assisting students reduces the number of students who drop out due to financial reasons, aids students in focusing on their education rather than their occupations, and usually pushes students to complete their programs more quickly.

Even though the execution of the right to education is a shared obligation internationally, there is now a trend among donors to reduce their assistance funding for basic literacy. Anath Foundation will work against this new trend and will aggressively push towards providing education for all.

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