A long time ago, schools served the role of teaching students solid and unproductive curriculums. This experience shaped different models that thrived for change, especially in the behavior and attitude of teaching. Today’s students can learn and unlearn, and this process communicates messages about the notion of school systems that focus on designing limits for the students. Recently, school administrations started to focus on the relation of the “beings” with their surroundings. The latter found that monitoring the future begins with constructing a safe environment for students with innovative teaching methods and tools. Today’s students will become the leaders of tomorrow; Anath Foundation hints at the correlations more than the merge between variables: innovative teaching methods and rising opportunities for students. 

In the last decades, the formulation of schooling systems led to two significant problems, primarily the accumulation of information within borders and the inability of students to express themselves in the market. And these frames assemble a typical limit to the thinking process and types for students. Hence, Anath Foundation aims to diminish these borders and offer a safe space for collaboration and open education concerned about value-based discussions, interactions, and continuous learning. The constructive and subsequent technique of constant learning requires a progressive route of education programs that open the gate for robust framework and practical functions, like experiential, vocational, and apprenticeship. And the gate keeps on broadening.

The correlation between contemporary teaching methods and tools and the rising opportunities arrives closer to the modern workplace grounds and needs. Applying theory to practice is an essential journey toward skill mastery. Experiential teaching hides a valuable advancement of clever use of technologies within its structure. It combines the modern with the references and ensures students’ engagement as the center. It enhances the tools for students to pick, select and conduct means to achieve knowledge. Hence, learning becomes a logical evolutionary process involving individuals searching for knowledge. The latter has different shapes and beliefs, and individuals carry out an apprenticeship as a belief for personal involvement. The matter of learning becomes more soluble, and individuals learn from each other. It transforms students into analytical learners in meaningful assignments and works. The outline of vocational teaching connects the beings to skilled crafts, like technicians, tradespersons, and interactive learning-based projects. 

While naming all the new types of teaching, collaborative learning spectrum, and new organizational spaces, the construction of human beings stays the most delicate, crucial, and prominent deal of future and growing opportunities. Between the dynamics inside school classrooms, the external skills development, and the relevant training, individuals begin to define their paths and explore careers. Hence, students go out from the prevalent instructional tools in a pedagogic tradition that includes questions and answers as a central claimed tool to knowledge. These characterizations of new learning methods have different attitudes and effects on the beings. They are present in the construction of beings, where it catalyzes the potential in the center of each individual into multiple choices. With time, students will acquire the ability to choose their paths. 
Classes outside the classroom give students the privilege to get out of the box. This journey also helps them rethink that learning is a daily job; a modification in the behavior of class regulations enables students to perform and study in a broader range. Moreover, besides constant reflection, learning is essential to the continuity of gaining knowledge. Mastership and proficiency are all levels that students thrive on earning, yet what remains a crucial core efficiency is the active role of teaching. The shift from passive educational programs to the center of students is the ultimate goal, and it brings more from students, decades did not do. Anath Foundation takes care of this and celebrates the evolution of teaching.

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