Mental Health

Anath Foundation is a strong supporter of mental health initiatives. The employees’ and students’ wellness comes first. A healthy mind is a priority and an important asset within an institution. It will lead to the effective and efficient achievement of goals. As a result, promoting mental health awareness is fundamental for the institution’s survival and prosperity.

The main issues affecting students’ mental health today are exam pressures, social media, the present technological world, LGBTQ+, growing demands, and COVID-19. Young people are experiencing high-stress levels and exhaustion due to the amendment and creation of more demanding and challenging examinations that supposedly measure their qualifications. They are also going through social pressures via social media and the ever-growing technological world. Some are exploring who they are, and this needs a nurturing and understanding community, otherwise, it can be very damaging. There is a mental health catastrophe on the horizon. Young people across the world are experiencing a tsunami of emotional difficulties because of COVID-19. Schools are the first to witness the effects of these struggles outside of the family, and many teachers and staff members are unprepared. According to the Chartered College of Teaching, just 5% of teachers were confident in their ability to manage an increase in people coping with mental health concerns once schools resumed.

While mental health issues may impact anybody at any time of year, awareness days provide an opportunity for people to talk about them and get together to express support for anyone who is struggling. Anath Foundation will serve as a resource for school employees, providing concrete tips for fostering a healthy mental health culture in the organizations.

Promoting positive mental health in institutions can be done by implementing the following:

Encouraging more social time, establishing more clubs, having an Open-Door policy, making mental health known, organizing a wellness week, …

An important step to promoting positive mental health is to encourage pupils to make relationships and to communicate with one another and interact with people they wouldn’t normally talk to. Hosting a sports/activity day: exercise has been shown to increase endorphin levels, so taking advantage of this by involving students and staff in a variety of activities will lead to more positive results. Another initiative is to encourage pupils to create little objectives for themselves so that they may feel good about themselves when they achieve them, for example donating to mental health causes by organizing charitable activities such as a cake sale. Giving to others has been shown to lower stress levels and increase mental health. Also, hosting mindfulness programs will aid in the creation of a relaxing environment for the young pupils.

Anath Foundation will raise awareness regularly, as well as provide possible solutions regarding the mental wellbeing of students and teachers.

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